Rissa and Quan Announce They Are Pregnant, Twitter Reaction, Photos, Wiki

Recently, Rissa and Quan Confirmed that a new family member will come and join their family soon. Yes, they both announced this news on YouTube. On this News, their fans become happy and a flood of good wishes served on social media like Twitter. They Revealed that their baby will come in around November 2021. After a long time of silence, they finally make this announcement to people. They also share a clip on Instagram showing they are pregnant.


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Rissa and Quan Finally Announced their Pregnancy

On  May 21, Rissa and Quan both posted a video on Youtube with the title  “We’re pregnant.” In the Video, Planting a Seed and watering it is shown. But Suddenly the video turns towards the growing baby bump of Rissa. 

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Rissa posted this video on her Instagram and wrote: “Flower Child, Beautiful Child. He planted a seed. we both showered it with love and now we patiently wait as our baby blossoms into a beautiful little flower. Mommy and Daddy love you so much already! Coming November 2021.”

Even Quan also posted the same video on his Instagram and wrote: “When Two Became Three. A message to our future baby, We love you more than life itself. We promise to be there with you every step of the way. The moment we see your sweet face and touch your tiny little fingers and toes, it Will last in our memory forever. First, you were a dream in our hearts, Soon you’ll be a blessing in our arms. We’re proud to be your parents. Mommy & daddy love you!”

Twitter Reaction 

When this Celebrating news comes out on social media like Twitter and Youtube, Fans start reacting to this. A lot of messages were come from all over the world giving them blessings. Their Fans filled their social media with positives messages and thoughts and giving them congress for their upcoming star. 

One user wrote: “Congratulations on this new journey. Y’all are going to be the best parents to this little one. I knew that Rissa was pregnant after she was having morning sickness. This is going to be Scorpio just like me. Congratulations.” 

In Other words, When this news revealed on the internet, a lot of people start sharing their positive thoughts which encourages Rissa and Quan. Many Beautiful messages came forward for their baby. Even the video they share on Social media like youtube and Instagram got thousands of love reacts and views. So in this Covid 19 pandemic, finally a good thing happen in the home of Rissa and Quan. We also pray for their baby healthy life and giving our blessings to them. 

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