Social media is mourning the unexpected passing of popular cardiologist Robb Kociol. The news of his death recently broke out on the internet. And eventually, it started trending on social media platforms. His death was mourned by so many people and internet netizens also expressed their condolence over the great loss. Our team also extends our deepest tribute. We will share more details and the circumstances around which he passed away. So to not miss a single update keep reading. 

Who is Robb Kociol?

Robb Kociol was a popular cardiologist from Milton, Massachusetts. He is well known Senior medical director at  Cardiovascular Cytokinetics, Inc. He has a focus area in Heart Failure. In past, he also had worked at Boehringer Ingelheim. Talking about his educational background, He studied at the Boston university school of Medicine. Robb studied biochemistry at the University of California.

In his long successful Medical career, Robb won many awards and recognition for his amazing work. His excellency in the field of Heart Failure has no match. His personal details like his wife, children’s age, etc are not revealed to us at the moment. Social can be found on Linkedin

Robb Kociol Died

The unexpected passing of Robb Kociol broke the hearts of several people including his family members, friends, and colleagues. He was a kind-hearted, hard-working, and loving guy who cares for his people. Now following the death of Robb, everyone felt heartbroken. There are so many condolences and tributes messages all over the social media platforms. 


There are lots of questions that are yet to be answered like Robb Kociol’s cause of death, and what is his obituary. As of now, there are no details available in this regard. we searched for it but found nothing useful in this context. There are so many rumors on the internet but there are no official details available in this regard. We are trying our best to collect more details about this. And we shortly update you when having enough data. Sandy Harrigan-Krupa wrote on Facebook “RIP, Robb Kociol, my friend, you were a legend. I will miss you.”

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