Every day some other rumor goes viral on our social media, in the meantime, a rumor about Ryan Rems Sarita’s death is also going viral on the internet. People are constantly searching the internet to get complete information about his death. So today in this article we are going to reveal the same thing that the thing about Ryan Rems Sarita’s death which is going viral, is it true or a rumor.

The news which is becoming increasingly viral on social media, is the death of one of the famous comedians Ryan Rems Sarita, although it is believed that this news is a rumor. But after hearing this news, the fans of Ryan Rems Sarita are very upset about this matter and they are trying their best to know the truth of this fact.

ryan rems sarita

who is Ryan Rems Sarita?

After the death of Ryan Rems Sarita, sees so much restlessness in her fans, who did not know him, they also want to know who he is and people are getting so upset after hearing the news of someone’s death. So lets people who want to know who Ryan Rems Sarita is after all, for them we are providing a little information about them.

Ryan Rems Sarita is a very famous television personality Whose fan following is very high all over the world. The reason why he is so famous all over the world is his sense of humor and he is famous among people with his stage name and most of the people know him because of being the winner of the very famous show ABS-CBN.


Ryan Rams Sarita is a Standup Comedian who has been active in the internet world since 2008. And he was so expert in this art that he made a very big name in this industry very quickly by fulfilling the wishes of his fans.


The news of Ryan Rams Sarita’s death has become so viral that she is now facing a lot of trouble due to this rumor. And it all started with an internet user who announced the rumor of Ryan Rams’ Sarita’s death and he gave the reason behind his death is overdosing of viagra. Which has become a big gossip reason on social media today.

ryan rems sarita died of viagra overdose

According to rumors, great comedian Ryan Rams Sarita has passed away. A social media user Dondie Smith posted his dead news on his social media with the caption “Rest in peace, Ryan Rams”.

And now people are constantly posting that the winner of the famous show “It’s Showtime Funny One” died at the age of 43 due to a Viagra overdose. The news of Ryan Rams Sarita’s death is becoming very viral but it has not been denied yet, due to not getting any concrete proof so far, it is being seen as a rumor.

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