Safety First! How to Spot and Avoid Playing at an Unlicensed Online Casino in 2022

The internet is full of scammers, spammers, misinformation, bots, and baddies. Even some of the good guys turn bad or simply turn out to not be as reliable as you though. While there’s not much that can be done about these actually existing online (that’s up to internet security companies and policymakers), there are checks that you can do to ensure you’re not accessing sup-par sites and content. It’s up to you, as the user, to take your own internet safety into your hands. This is also the case for online casinos, as you want to play it safe.

If you’re handing your hard-earned cash over to an online casino to play at, you want to make darn sure that they’re operating the way a casino should be. You want to be sure they give correct odds and returns, have the right cybersecurity setup so your wallet won’t get hacked, and that they, themselves won’t just shut up shop and run off with your money.


Why licensing is important for online casinos 

So, how can you be sure that an online casino is a good one and not a bad one or just one that isn’t quite up to snuff? By checking if it is licensed, that’s how. Online casino licenses are granted in various different places around the world. A casino may be licensed in one place, multiple places, or in none at all – that’s the unlicensed casinos category. Just because a casino isn’t licensed, doesn’t mean that it’s a scam or going to do you dodgy. But the chances of them being dodgy is higher for unlicensed casinos.

Online casino licenses are granted not only to ensure the provider in question is a reputable and trustworthy one, but because they ensure players’ safety. It’s easy to have clouded judgment when you see cashable no deposit bonuses promoted, but one needs to take necessary precautions by doing the proper legwork.

Licensing in different places – not all licensing is equal 

Online casino licensing works differently in each place. This means that even if a casino is licensed in X country, it may not have strict conditions of operation attached. When you are looking at what license/s a casino has, you also want to be aware of the country itself. For instance, if a casino is licenced in the UK, you can be sure that it’s going to be very well regulated, as the UK is one of the markets with the most advanced gambling regulations in the world. If you do not know the conditions of a country’s license, you can check on the gambling authority’s website that grants the licenses themselves.

Is it a real license?

Anyone can slap up a picture on the internet of a gaming authority and say that they have a license, although they might get hunted down by the authorities fairly quickly. This means that you need to also check with the gaming authority itself to check the company is registered. These are listed publicly so they’re quite easy to find. The only catch here is that the casino might be under an umbrella company, so listed under the umbrella company’s name. Most gaming authorities will list all websites associated with the umbrella company, so you can also simply check by URL – which brings us to another point.

Scammers have a clever habit of cloning real websites to scam people out of their money. Think of the bank scams that proliferate online. The way to identify whether a site is a fake or not is through their URL. Match it up to the URL on the authority’s website and you can be sure that the site is the real one.

 Don’t go through links on forums, strangers online, and so on…

Some guy in some forum chatting about this awesome new casino? That’s great and all, but don’t click on the link he provides, go to the official site yourself. Treat casino sites with the same sort of suspicion as you would do with someone talking about a bank and then linking to it. Installing security products should also keep you protected against unsafe websites.

Online safety is everyone’s responsibility. You want to have a good time online not get yourself into strife. Online casinos can be great fun if you know what you are getting yourself into. It’s a way to unwind, get a little excitement in your day, and hopefully pick up a win or two. Play at licensed casinos like a boss and keep yourself on the straight and narrow for peace of mind that you’re playing it safe.

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