Sohrab Cycles Founder ‘Sheikh Muhammad Akram’ Passed Away At 86, Wikipedia, Death Cause

The saddening news of Sheikh Muhammad Akram death is now spreading on the internet like wildfire. The Pakistan industrialist, famous for Sohrab Cycle is now no more between us. He was around 86 years old. Sources confirm that he died yesterday at midnight in a hospital in Pakistan. The detail of the hospital is still not confirmed in which he took his last breath. He was a very successful industrialist in Pakistan. He married three women in his life. It was really a heartbreaking moment for the Akram family and close friends. The situation when he dies is still not known to the general public. No family member of Sheikh Akram talked to Pakistani media. In this article, you will get to know about Sheikh Muhammad Akram Death, Death Cause, Wiki, wife and more.

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Sheikh Muhammad Akram Wikipedia

Sheikh Muhammad Akram was a very renowned Pakistani industrialist. He achieved so much recognition and heights with his own hard work. In his life, he married three women. And also had children. He established Sohrab Cycles in 1953. Which reached new highs with a period of time. After few years of establishment, Sohrab Cycle earns its own name in the market. The company is well known for the manufacturing of the best quality Motorcycle and Rickshaw. One of the reasons for his success in the cycle industry may be that he is very benevolent to society. His work always gives value addition to the local people. Let’s take the example of his business of cheap at the same time strong metal cycles which remains useful after so many years of tear and wear. All those who have once use his cycle are also sharing memorable moments on social media to remember Muhammad Akram on his death. There are so many rumours claims that he was covid positive and the death is because of this reason. But there is no official confirmation about the same either from family members or the hospital in which he died. 

There is no much information is available about him on the internet. If you search by his name on the internet you will not get his wiki profile. Because he did not have the one. Maybe he did not give an interview in Pakistani media. We gather this information from many sources.  We are still trying to get more information related to his personal and professional life.  When we receive any new update belongs to Sheikh Muhammad Akram’s life, then we will update this article as soon as possible us. Keep reading to get more detail on his Death Cause. 

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Sheikh Muhammad Akram Death

Sheikh Muhammad Akram death is confirmed yesterday night at the age of 86. The news is really saddened and heartbreaking for the entire of Pakistan. People who know him personally or been a friend are now sharing their deep condolence. His family members are also receiving wishes to remain calm and strong in this testing time. As the family did not talk to any media group so it is difficult to speculate the exact reason for his demise. Some speculate that he is covid positive, but there is no confirmation from any family member so far. When Pakistani media cover this issue and interview some of the close knowns of Akram, then there would be more clarity in the same. Hence it will be too early as well as wrong to assume anything. If we get any update on his death we will update you further for the same. 

Death Cause

So far, sources did not reveal any cause of death of Sohrab Cycles founder, Sheikh Muhammad Akram. The detail like name of the hospital in which he lost his life, also remains unrevealed in social media. There is no confirmation whether he was suffering from any particular disease or not. 


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