Recently Actress Taylor Hickson was in the news headlines. Taylor met with a car accident on November 16, 2021. She updated about the same through a social media post.

Her accident again became a topic of attention for everyone. People are talking about it and giving their reactions. We will share much more details about the accident and the aftermath of the same. So keep reading this blog to not miss anything. 

Who is Taylor Hickson?

Taylor Hickson was born on December 11th, 1997 in Canada. She was blessed with the couple Shannon and Russell Hickson. At a very early age, she started performing folk songs with her father.

Later decided to make her career in acting. Her first work was in the physiological thriller “Blackway,” from where she started gaining popularity.

Her amazing performance at the same won many hearts. With her hard work and high spirit, Taylor gained her name, fame, and money. At present, she is in an active relationship with David Nadeau. Both shared several images on social media platforms. You can find Taylor on Instagram where around 157k people follow her account. 

Taylor Hickson Car Accident

“Taylor Hickson is truly one of the brightest lights in this fandom. She has done so much for us and, despite being on a social media break, is still powering through for the fandom after the accident in the fall. We only hope she gets well-deserved rest after this #MFSCastLove” said Brendon Smith


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Taylor Hickson Car Accident

The car accident that occurred on November 16, 2021, is a saddening incident in the life of Taylor Hickson. The incident happened when she was returning from filming in Vancouver. She was in the car during her return with her driver. And then all of a sudden the car crashed. Exactly how the incident took remains a big question here. 

She got serious injuries following the same. Taylor got several stitches after she was admitted to the hospital. Later on, she updated the whole accident on her social media handle saying that she would delay visiting Fort Salem.

Megan wrote “I really love how deeply the entire cast, crew, and direct care for one another on #MotherlandFortSalem I was unaware of  @taylorhickson accident, I wish you good health and happiness. The bond you all have with each other is truly inspirational”


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