Telehandler: everything you need to know

It is a smart decision to telehandler buy. It is a special equipment of universal purpose. It is a hybrid of a wheel loader and fork-lift loader with a crane, which allows it to be in demand in all areas: from work in the warehouse to construction. This unit is more maneuverable and multi-purpose than its wheel counterpart, and it is also tougher than a forklift.

There is a telescope mast in the technique, which can help lift cargo up several floors and even “pass” it through a fairly narrow opening. The larger and more oversized machines can’t do that. Used telehandler has the same functions and similar operational characteristics. 

Methods and areas of application

The specified equipment is used in almost all areas of industry and utilities due to a variety of attached equipment:

  • sweeping brush and snow blade;
  • winch;
  • open-side grapple;
  • rotary mower;
  • pallet forks;
  • a leveling and loading bucket.

All these tools are available, for example, in telehandlers of the renowned JCB brand. Their machine is capable of drilling, loading and unloading, lifting, grabbing, transporting, holding workers, and cleaning.

In winter, a used telehandler can be seen moving along the roads in “winter” equipment: with a bucket, open or closed brush, shovel blade and snow blower. At a warehouse or construction site, you’ll find a machine with a bucket, grapple or pallet forks. And this special equipment can also be a small-sized type with a side-shift function to easily manipulate loads at any height. 

Features of the equipment

One of the advantages of telehandlers compared to other types of loaders is the much greater operating range. The lifting height of many loaders is almost equal to the lifting height of a jib crane. The all-wheel drive and the pneumatic wheel chassis increase the cross-country capability of the telehandlers – they can now operate freely not only in warehouses, but also in outdoor areas.

The steering system is of the hydraulic type. Most modern models of telehandlers are characterized by excellent power indicators and can reach high speed.


The telehandler UK is extremely popular all over the world. British brand JCB equipment has earned recognition and respect among users. The model range of this special equipment includes more than 30 machines, including those with a particular specialization. JCB telehandler, the price of which is still within reasonable limits, competes with the wheel loader.

Another popular brand is Manitou, which offers standard models up to 18 m and swing models up to 30 m with lifting capacity up to 21 tons. Manitou telehandler has a spacious and comfortable operator’s cabin. The latest generation of such machines has a system E-Reco, it automatically detects the maximum load of the equipment and adjusts to it.

The market offers units from the American manufacturer Caterpillar, they have a small turning radius, low center of gravity and an extended wheelbase.

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