Was Tom Vilsack Arrested? Biden’s Secretary Of Agriculture’s Whereabouts: Recently the American politician and current United States secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack is making news headlines following the broke of the news of his arrest. The rumors spread quickly after he was alleged with numerous allegations of destroying the agricultural plants in America. Everywhere on the internet people are talking about him and making fuzz.

The shocking news came out and words spread like a wildfire. We will share more insight on the same in this blog. 


Was Tom Vilsack Arrested?

Thomas James Vilsack is the 32nd United States secretary of agriculture in the Biden government. He has also served in the Obama administration. He was chosen as the agricultural secretary by the Biden on December 10, 2020.

Talking about his personal life, Tom was born on December 13, 1950, in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Pennsylvania. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College. Tom met Ann Christine “Christie” Bell in the college and the couple later decided to the married in Christie Vilsack’s hometown of Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

The couple is blessed with two children Jess and Doug. A piece of very saddening news hurt the Vilsack family when his granddaughter who is just 6 years old at that time died of influenza. 

Tom Vilsack was rumored to be apprehended by police on Tuesday, after being linked to the planned demolition of a dozen agricultural processing businesses across the United States. Although the investigation is still in the process.

There are lots of questions that are yet to answer by the authority. Internet netizens are showing curiosity about exploring more about Tom.

We are regularly checking for further information. “Since the MSM won’t carry any news concerning all the food plants being destroyed, I doubt they will mention Biden’s secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack has been arrested by the military for treason for being behind it .” Althouse C tweeted. 

Tom was in the trouble recently after he centered with several allegations. He alleged the allegations of demolishing more than 18 food processing plants.

Although the official information will be clear once the investigation ends. At present, there are hundreds of reaction messages on social media condemning him for deceiving on his post.

People are protesting online to give him pay for all the losses that occurred to the agricultural plants. Joe Falotico said “Why is no one talking about the fact that Tom Vilsack (Secretary of agriculture) has enough evidence on him to be charged with treason? Oh, that’s right, Johny Depp is in court. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”


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