A video is getting viral on social media which has recently created a buzz everywhere. The clip title torito tec is being shared on the mass scale. Thousands of people have already watched it. And many are yet to see. Internet netizens also express their curiosity about knowing more about the girl in the dance video. We will share more useful information related to the same further in this blog. So continue your reading on our website to not miss a single part. 

Torito Tec Video

Torito Tec Video

The leaked Torito Tec video is trending on the Internet right now. The video has gained a lot of attention and has people looking for its link and more information. The video shows a lady and her waiter dancing. 

Despite its popularity on social media, the Torito Tec video is not suitable for all audiences. The content of the video is explicit, so it is not suitable for children.


However, if you’re interested in finding a copy of the video, you can do a search on Google. The video has been shared by people from all over the world. We cant share the video on our platform as it is not suitable for a large section of our readers.

The girl present in the video remains unidentified at the moment. people wanted to know more about her but as of now, there is no clear data available. 

torito tec video twitter 

The Torito Tec video is currently one of the most popular videos on Twitter. It has already spread to other social networks without censorship. It has also been shared on various Twitter accounts and YouTube. Ultimately, it has made its way onto the Internet and is now in the attention of all those who enjoy watching leaked videos. The video has become a sensation online and has created a buzz around. 

The Torito Tec video has gone viral and has gained thousands of views on Twitter and Reddit. It has been shared by so many people including anonymous users. The restaurant in which the clip was recorded is located at the intersection of Agroonomos and Tecnologico streets in Mexico City. The restaurant seems to be a spacious one with lots of waiters. One of the waiters who can be seen in the clip goes too far. 

The restaurant is located at the intersection of Agroonomos Street and Estado Avenue in the Technologico district. While the women dancing is not known, the employees of the restaurant were seen dancing. A waiter was pictured hugging a woman who had removed her T-shirt.

Another young man kissed the young woman’s breasts as seen in the viral clip. Many viewers of the clip seem to be agitated and enraged. They criticize it for uploading these kinds of insensible material on the social platform. And there is no doubt that they have valid points. Uploading these kinds of stuff on the social platforms used by different ages of people is really reckless. 


The Torito Tec video went viral because of its shocking content. In it, a waiter kisses a young lady on the breast while she is dancing in a restaurant. The waiter, Carlos Onofre, was terminated from his job after the video went viral. The young lady who viewed the video was identified as Magaly Medina, a former Onlyfans model. Although there are lots of details which are yet to be confirmed. Details like their motivation behind doing all this mess remain a big question. 

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