who was travis whittemore? commercial pilot passed away: Travis Jared is one of the most searching names these days, you might be in the swim about the latest news that Travis Jared has driven 4 hours just to get physical with the 10 years old child. Montgomery Country Prosectors has said that Travis Jared who is 35 years old, is a commercial pilot.

As far as we know he drove almost four hours from the Dallas area to Conroe.  Some of the reports are claiming that such kind of cases is increasing. As per the statement of Assistant District Attorney Lola Beckman, some of the social media apps are like a playground, and small kids are being targeted.

who is travis whittemore?

As of now, there are lots of social media and new dating apps, most of the time young minds are being hunted.  you never know the real identity behind social media accounts. The incident is shocking and is grabbing lots of attention from netizens.

This incident has taken place on Wednesday, as per further reports, the Beckman has said he was an Air Force veteran, who served as a pilot for a major airline.  He has traveled internationally as a pilot and had access to other jurisdictions.

As of now, he has been charged with soliciting minors online and dual possession of child sexual activity, which is a big offense there are tons of people who are paying attention to the case. As of now, Whitemore holds worth $90,000 in bonds.

Moreover, he will also face 20 years in prison for charging a minor, he is a huge offense that can not be tolerated. Everyone is showing their aggression against the man, and they are making lots of tweets.

commercial pilot passed away

It is such a shameful act, the being in the air force he committed such a crime. In the past, we have already seen such cases we need to put a full stop to these activities. We are waiting for further information, if you want to get more updates then do come along with us we will be right back with the new post, and till then stay connected with us.

We will put every single effort to bring more viral content to all the readers.  There are many websites that have covered the same news, you might be in the swim about his personal life and more details. In the course of time, it will come out, as we find more.

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