Another Incredible news is just blowing out on the internet. If you are a fan of  Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, then this news is going to be more painful to accept. Recently we got the news that Lizzie Kommes’ ex Scott Davey has passed away. WE tv has confirmed and revealed the news of Scott passing at the end of Friday night’s “Love After Lockup: Dating and Inmate” special. with a lovely photo of Scott along with the message: “Shortly after the filming of this special, Scott Davey passed away.

who is Scott Davey?

Scott Davey was a 54-year-old third Love After Lockup cast member who recently been trending on the internet because of his sudden death. Scott was a great man with sweet nature. According to the sources, Scott passed away on November 12, 2021. Scott was from Oxnard High School in 1985 and became a commercial truck driver and did that for 27 years as well as helped many others earn their commercial License. He gains massive popularity for being the star of Love After Lockup

scott davey love after lockup 

Sources had confirmed that love after lockup star Scott Davey is dead at the age of 54.  Fans mourn the death of a great star online. Recently some controversy also spread on social media related to Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes. Lizzie Kommes claimed that Scott Davey stole her identity and declared her under his tax in 2015. However, Scott tells a very different story. According to him, Lizzie was the one who tried to commit tax fraud. According to Scott Davey (Scott Davey) recently, he said that Lizzie Kommes tried to use his mobile phone to file taxes in prison. At the same time, he added that she used his address – even trying to mortgage his house in prison. Of course, there are a lot of unresolved things between the predecessors of Love After Lockup.

Scott Davey Obituary

Oxnard High School graduated Scott Davey was a famous star of the famous series Love After Lockup. Because of him, his fans have great memories with the series Love After Lockup. He was much more than just a star of Love After Lockup. starcasm wrote: “Scott will be missed for his inventiveness, adventurous spirit, ability to give old stories new perspectives, his candor, and humor. He was a generous whirlwind of ideas with no money in his pockets. Who else could unclog a shower with a leaf blower?”

Scott has a son Adam Davey, daughter Alyssa Cruz, parents John and Mary Davey, siblings; Lorena Davey (John) McDougal, Bill (Sheryl) Davey, Wade (Beverley) Davey, and David (Marc) Davey. RIP Scott Davey. 

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