A terrible video is spreading on the web and it has come in the searches, a video in which we can see two are being shot to death.  This video is getting viral in the course of time, we want to tell you that this video is not new. In the year 2021, the video has come out, but as of now, it is being searched by netizens who are showing a huge amount of interest to watch the video.

Most of the people are searching that who are they in the video, as per the report. It is being claimed that both are twin sisters. Both of their twin sisters are shot to death, even a teen suspect has been arrested in Northeast Brazil for allegedly shooting the girls.

And also filming the gang-related execution on the Instagram Livestream. It hit many people like a ton of bricks, people are shocked. such as the AIKA ROBREDO VIDEO SCANDAL, In the past, we have watched much more viral content on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. 

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We won’t recommend you to watch the video, it is not worth watching. Both of the teens were 18 years old and had been shot. They have been identified as Amalia and Amanda Alves, they were found dead on the roadside behind the housing complex in Pacajus, Ceara,  on a Wednesday morning.  The video of the incident has gone viral and it is circulating on the web.  Netizens are bent on sharing it, it is hard to find the footage on Livestream, due to policy violations the footage has been revealed from most of the sites.

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In the video, we can see that both of them are holding their hair in a bun before they are shot. The suspect has been identified as  Mateus Abreu, who is 17 years old. He had shot the girls in their heads, after that he shot multiple times to both of them. The reason behind the execution is not clear, only it is known that both of them were twin sisters, they were shot dead because they were aware of drug dealers.

More information is not familiar to us, we are trying to find out, The Ceara Civil police have caught only one suspect, the rest of them are free. It was a double murder, the footage was streamed live on Instagram, they left a 3-year-old daughter behind them, and netizens are reacting to this video and making tweets. For more viral updates keep visiting this site we will always bring new reports to make you the swim about such viral content.

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