A new scandal video has now become a center of attraction on the internet nowadays. The scandal clip naming Upc scandal video is circulating massively on the internet world. People are talking about it and trying to explore more about the participants of the videos. The original source of the clip remains unidentified at this moment.

You can find the clip on multiple social media exchanges like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. The leaked video contains s@x scene of a schoolboy in Kinshasa famous which has definitely affected the Upc students. We will share more about the upc scandale 2022 in this blog so make sure you keep reading. 

Upc scandale video

Upc scandale video is making rounds on the social media platforms recently. The video contains s@x scene so we cant share it with you on our website. As per some sources available online there are around 40 naked women present in the clip. These women are none other than Kinshasa students. The video received worldwide criticism from the viewers of the clip.


One wrote commenting on the leaked videos “The UPC must pass the states-general in the head of the students to reorganize. Pornographic videos of students circulating on the web tarnished again this prestigious university in Kinshasa. It’s deplorable with our young girls  This generation”


what is upc students scandale 2022?

Following the Upc scandal video, there are big spots on the prestigious university. People are pointing their fingers at the UPC student and administration. There are some unverified rumors claiming that all woman present in the clip belongs to the UPC university. Although we can’t confirm much in this regard. there is no official source confirming the identity of the girl present in the clip.  “The girls of the “UPC” phenomenon (although not all of them are from this institution) almost all of them sent their benefits to an agency in the area and that’s when everything started spinning on the web. It was a video casting as for best of the best (an example) at the request of a clientele of high-ranking men in Congo.”

upc kinshasa leaked video

We will continue to update you about the UPC Kinshasa in the future as well. As of now, there is no response from the university administration in the response to the viral video. No doubt the leaked video raises so many questions about the university and its discipline. Following the clip started trending on the internet, people started searching about it on google. The recent searches about the viral video have skyrocketed. People are searching for it on Facebook as well. Those who have already watched it share their views on it. You can find the comments on Twitter criticizing the students for doing all these messes. 

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