The Namhla video of being beaten by her boyfriend has sparked outrage and called for justice. The video shows the man flogging Namhla naked with a belt and long black wire. The man’s name was not released. He is an ANC member and a Xhosa man. Police are investigating his involvement in the woman’s death. The video is not the first to make national news, but Namhla’s story has touched many.

The incident took a turn when videos of the attack surfaced online. A video of the woman being beaten by a sjambok has gone viral, spurring the #Justicefornamhla hashtag. It’s unclear if Namhla was the victim of GBV or other sex abuse, but her family said she was just trying to leave an abusive relationship when the attackers shot her nine times.

Namhla Mtwa Being Beaten Twitter Video

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Namhla Mtwa Being Beaten Twitter

In April, Namhla Mtwa, a 35-year-old municipal employee, was shot nine times in her car. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say her boyfriend, Bhekizulu, had previously received a death threat from a former partner. After her death, her family accessed her phone, and discovered disturbing texts from him. Namhla’s family has released the video of the attack. It’s not clear whether Bhekizulu is responsible, but he is believed to be the person who killed Namhla.

Who is Namhla Mtwa? 

The Namhla Tents abused Mtwa on camera in a video that has gone viral. In the video, Namhla lies naked in bed with her arms tied behind her back while her boyfriend beats her with a belt and black power wire. As the video continues, the man threatens to hurt her further by whipping her. The video has sparked outrage and calls for justice for Namhla.

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The Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane has ordered the police to examine charges of gender-based violence against Namhla Mtwa. Afterwards, the EFF plans a protest march to the central police station in Mthatha to demand answers. The video of Namhla being beaten by her boyfriend is now circulating on social media. The video has gone viral and South Africans are shocked by the brutality of this violent attack.

In response to the outrage and the outcry, the abusive man has revealed a shocking video of his sister being beaten. The footage has gone viral and screenshots of the text messages Mtwa sent to the man are going viral. The man reportedly told Mtwa he would punish him if he did not allow her to see a doctor. The woman also apologized to the man who had “mistreated” her.

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The Namhla murder case has sparked a public outcry and has cast a spotlight on the femicide problem in South Africa. Her murder was the result of a violent relationship between Namhla and an unknown man. Namhla Mtwa’s sister has posted screengrabs of the violent altercation on her social media pages to call for justice. The video has gone viral, drawing global attention to the issue of femicide.

The murder of Namhla Mtwa has shocked South Africa. The 35-year-old municipal employee, who was shot nine times in her car, was found dead on the scene, her upper body shot. The suspect, identified as Bhekizulu, was not charged in the incident. However, the family obtained the video to show their support and to help the investigation. If the video can help identify the killer, the incident will be stopped.

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