Everywhere on the social media platforms, the municipal councilor of the M5S, Vittoria Gennari has become a talk. She was creating news headlines following the release of the small clip.

The leaked video of her is spreading and photos are shared quickly. This is not the first time a social influencer doing these kinds of actions. There are so many cases like this in the past. The sole motive of these actions can be associated with the craze of popularity and attention.

She wanted to gain people’s attention. With the leaked inappropriate video, she is somehow successful in her objective. Internet netizens are also exploring more about her. Keep reading to not miss a single update. 

vittoria gennari

who is vittoria gennari?

Not much about the social media influencer and M5S municipal councilor is known to us at the moment. She never revealed much about her personal stuff in the public domain. Apart from that, she belongs to Morciano. There are some reports which confirmed her presence on the subscription-based NSFW content sharing platform. Although she never revealed this openly. Recently the newly leaked video of her was claimed to be from her Onlyfan account. 

vittoria gennari leaked video 

The first video shows a young lady demonstrating her secret B side: she lifts her miniskirt. She did this in the mall when people are walking through. It is then followed by a photo of a woman walking into a shopping mall wearing a bikini. The photo, posted by Rimini resident Matti, has since been deleted by the woman, who is an M5S community councilor.

The video was shared on Twitter, and Matti was found to be a member of the party. Following its first release, it transferred to other social media platforms like Facebook, and Reddit as well. But most of them have been either deleted or suspended by the platform regulation. 

vittoria gennari m5s

In addition to being identical to the girl in the video, Vittoria Gennari has a Twitter account with a similar name. Her Twitter account, named Wikolia Gennari, follows two politicians. If you had followed her thread on Twitter, you would have guessed her political views. Side B del Rimini is a party she is a member of, and she is related to a city councilor who sits on the Rimini City Council. 

We cannot share the video here as it contains inappropriate content. Vittoria Gennari’s Leaked clip is already seen thousands of times and got hundreds of comments. We will keep you updated with further news and event in this regard.

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