A video is catching the trend on the internet recently with the name Crush Rabbit sequel video. The video which was claimed to be from China is not everywhere on the internet. It has reached the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. People are commenting and sharing enraged reactions on watching it.

Crush Rabbit Sequel video

If you had already watched the video then you would also be criticizing the girl present in the clip. If not then keep reading to learn everything about the viral clip from china. 

Crush rabbit sequel video 

Crush Rabbit sequel video is a viral clip of a Chinese girl in which she is crushing an innocent rabbit for fun. The video was shooted in china as confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. The girl’s identity remains unidentified at this moment.

She has now become a center of attraction on the internet for showing cruelty to innocent animals who have done nothing. We can’t share the actual clip here as it contains graphics that can be inappropriate for many.


The girl who looks like in her 20s draws out a rabbit from the cage and then gives her a last kiss before crushing it like any piece of paper. 

Watch Crush Rabbit sequel leaked

When more information was revealed from some sources, it was revealed that the girl did all this for foreign people who forced her to do the same. According to some sources, she did it all under the pressure from some people who threatens her to continue it. In the video, it was clearly seen that the rabbit was crushed and smashed brutally. Their bodies were seen lying on the floor after the brutal experience of smash they went through.

There is a series of denouncing messages from all over the world. People are demanding immediate action against these kinds of animal abuses which are increasing with the period of time. Our team also condemn the action of the young girl.

Doing these kinds of things for the sake of foreign “fetishers” hurts the sentiment of millions of people all over the world. Although there are some leads confirm that she has apologized for her action. But we can’t confirm much in this regard. As there is no official source backing the same. 

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