Shocking video of Storm getting popularity and caught lots of attention from people. In the video, we can clearly see the destruction of nature as per the report we got to know Storm Eunice has made lots of destructions in the United Kingdom. Even two people have lost their lives and some got serious injuries.

It was one of the most horrible storms in the United Kingdom which was reported so far the video of this is getting vital and many people are showing interest to watch the video. They are circulating it non-stop and sharing it on different social media platforms. It was a record-breaking wind gust that caused lots of damage to a person who was 30 years old.

He had lost his life in this incident. He was in the car and a tree has fallen down on his car in Haringey, in North London on Friday afternoon as per the Metropolitan police the first death was reported in England due to this incident. All the people have been warned about this, as we know it is pretty important for all of us, even students are trained when they are in the childhood in the school, it is a good thing that everyone should be taught.

And the second person who also suffered from this storm in the United Kingdom was a man who was 50 years old. He had also passed away after debris hit his vehicle in Netherton. Many people are talking about the incident and their making everyone aware of this. Police have also released a statement that Police were contacted after 2:10 p.m. with complaints of the average hitting the windshield of a car on switchland. There was a male passenger who got injuries and the driver was safe the man was declared dead.

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