The worldwide used short video sharing platform Tiktok is often the origin of viral and trending videos. This time again a video with the time Tiktok Teen On The Couch has hit the internet hard. The video is trending and circulating all over the social media spaces like wildfire in the jungle. The video was uploaded first on September 21 and now gaining popularity thanks to Tiktok users. Keep reading this article to explore everything about the viral video which grab everyone’s attention on the internet. 

Tiktok Teen On The Couch Viral Video

The tik tok teen on the couch video was published through the account of Lauren Zarras who is a TikTok user. The caption of the video was set as “Surprising my Boyfriend”. When the girl enters the apartment or possibly a college as claimed by one source, the boy stood up and immediately embraces her. In the video, the coach guy refers to Robbie, the girl’s boyfriend. 

what is Tiktok Teen On The Couch?

Teen On The Couch is the viral video of popular social media platform Tiktok.  Sources confirm that the video was published on September 21, 2021. In the video, a girl name Lounge Chair decided to surprise her boyfriend, Robbie. But something happened at the scene that instead of surprising her target she got shocked. Actually, When she enters his home she found her boyfriend with three more girls sitting by side of Robbie.

The expression of the boy revealed that he know nothing about her girlfriend coming into the house. This all creat immense confusion in the house but is fun for the viewers. But we can’t validate whether this all scene is scripted and created for fun or real. 

The video is getting immense views and likes. People are finding it humorous. At the time of writing this blog, the viral video has already crossed the milestone of 65 million views. When going through the comment from the social media users the video is receiving both bouquets and brickbats. 

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