Recently a Shot dead news of a man named  Enzo Cirillo who was also a  24-year-vintage man. According to the confirmation of the source, the young man was shot and killed behind a plaza in Scarborough on Wednesday evening time. Although different people have different opinions on the murder of Enzo Cirillo in the end, this world lost a young 24 years soul. We will reveal more about the guy’s death in the article later.

Who is Enzo Cirillo?

Enzo Cirillo was a young 24 years old vintage man who was shot and killed behind a plaza in Scarborough on Wednesday evening time, according to the police. According to the Police, referred to 3847 Lawrence Avenue East, west of Orton Park Road, spherical eight p.m. Wednesday for evaluations of pictures fired. Sources also confirmed that when the police reached the location, they found a person on the rear of the plaza laid low with life-threatening gunshot wounds. Despite life-saving efforts, the person develops to be instructed lifeless on the scene, police mentioned. On Thursday, police named the suspect Javonte Daley.

You will be a wonder to know that Enzo Cirillo belongs to Fabulous Fitness and he was pronounced ineffective on the scene of lethal automotive taking photos inside the Woodbridge space. Investigators say “we were trying to find out a number of suspects answerable for the incident. Daley`s killing is Toronto`s twenty-ninth murder of the 12 months. He develop to be rushed to an effectively-being facility trauma coronary heart for remedy.”  They also added ” looking out for a suspect automotive that fled the scene. “I`ve heard human beings do not need to get worried however when you have any records so as to assist us remedy or opposite engineer what has taken location here, we want you to return back ahead and assist us to remedy this,” Staff Sgt. David Mitchell educated journalists on the scene.”

Enzo Cirillo fabulous fitness death

The shocking news of Enzo Cirillo death broke the hearts of thousands of people on social media. People are commenting on these platforms sharing tributes and condolence over the demise. You can find plenty of these kinds of messages on social networking sites. The shooter who targets the young man remains unidentified at the moment. The investigation is still going on and lots of details are yet to be revealed. 

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