The tragic death of 18 years old Rylee Goodrich in a California movie theatre. She was shot dead while she was watching The Forever Purge, a horror movie. The entire incident was very strange and weird. The case is still under investigation. The heartbreaking death of a teenage girl left so many stunned. Rylee Goodrich was also accompanied by famous TikToker Anthony Barajas, who have more than 1 million followers. In this incident, Anthony got severely injured and was admitted to the hospital where his condition is now better.

Who is TikTok Star Rylee Goodrich? Wiki, Shot Dead In Corona Movie Theatre, Suspect, Death Cause, Age, Obituary, Boyfriend, TikTok, Instagram

Rylee Goodrich Wiki

In this article, you will learn about Rylee Goodrich Death, Death Cause, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Joseph Jimenez, Anthony Barajas, Rylee Goodrich Corona Ca,  Corona shooting, Rylee Goodrich Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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Rylee Goodrich Death

The shocking death of 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich is confirmed recently on social media. She was shot at the theater and later found unconscious by Corona Crossings movie theatre’s staff.  Nicole Comstock said: “THEATER SHOOTING: 19-year-old Anthony Barajas is on life support & 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich passed away after someone shot them inside a Corona movie theater Monday night. Rylee’s cousin tells  @CBSLA she doesn’t know if the attack was random or targeted but they need your help.”

We share our deepest condolence with the family of Rylee Goodrich. We pray his soul rest in peace. “It’s a sad commentary on humanity when people can’t even go to a movie theater for enjoyment in peace! My deepest condolences and prayers to the families and praying for healing for the young man in hospital! May the killer get the death penalty.”

“My friend, Anthony Barajas, 19, is on life support after he and a friend were shot in a movie theater in Corona, California. Rylee Goodrich, 18, died on scene. You never really expect a loved one could fall victim to gun violence, despite its ongoing prevalence in our nation.” wrote Malik Earnest

Rylee Goodrich Death Cause

Rylee Goodrich was shot dead while she was watching The Forever Purge, with her friend Anthony Barajas. It all looks very dramatic and unbelievable. It is hard to digest for many that how can someone shot dead in a movie theatre.

Some wrote on Facebook “Rylee Goodrich 18, who attended Corona High was shot and killed July 26,2021 at The Corona Crossroads Regal Theater..I am not sure if she graduated from CHS or not but either way she would have this year I believe. Please keep her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. They also have a Go Fund Me Page for her if you would like to help out with the funeral costs..RIP Fellow Panther”

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Joseph Jimenez Charged for Murder

In the relation to this case, police have recently arrested Joseph Jimenez, 20, charged for murder, attempted murder, and robbery. So far there is not much information available to us that clarifies the case.  More information is coming.  Stay tuned with us.


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