Dandrea Martin is being searched nonstop, as per the exclusive report, he has been arrested by the police in the case related to Sacramento Shooting. In the incident, almost 6 people have lost their lives and 12 people were injured. As of now, people want to know more about him who is Dandrea Martin, If you do not know, then we are here this post is all about him, and we have brought all the latest updates related to this case.

This incident has taken place in the area of 10th and Kth street in Sacramento. It was an open fire between two people, in the shooting six people have lost their lives. This has been raised by lots of netizens of the USA about the gun law in America. In the US on a daily based we catch new incidents related to shootings. It seems that there is no rule and people are not in the swim about the gun low. 


After listening to all the news, we can imagine the situation in the US, it seems that all the people have personal guns which are completely illegal. In the past, we have seen lots of news from the US, in which several people have lost their lives.  At the time of writing this post, Dandrea Martin got viral and his photos are being circulated on social media sites.

As per the statement of the authority, he has been taken in the custody on the weapon charge and also a separate count of assault with a deadly weapon. Investigation of the matter is going on and investigators are trying to find out more info.  Netizens are waiting for further info we are trying to find out details and footage including other evidence. Dandrea Martin is 26 years old, so far there is no info about him such as his date of birth and early life.

His parents’ names are not known yet, it was a gunfight between two gangs. As per the investigations, police have found more than 100 gun shells at the location of the incident. No one knew about this, it was sudden incident authorities have not disclosed much information about the suspects.

In the past he has committed more incidents as criminal , he has a criminal history, and he is being interrogated by the police. We will let you know more exclusive details as soon as we find them. We will let you know further details on the same page related to this case or other viral topics.

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