There is no doubt in saying that Social media has become a powerful tool for people who want to share their private life in front of an audience.  Social media opened a door for everyone who wants to do something that will make them shine. Recently another personality with the name zeus and chie scandal video or popularity known as ‘chie filomeno scandal cctv footage video’ has come into the trending spotlight after her private video goes viral.

zeus and chie scandal video

The video gets massive attention and circulation on social media and it seems that her video is some kind of NSFW content. We will reveal everything about the woman who is behind this scandal trending video.

zeus and chienna scandal cctv video

Social media is a powerful tool and for some people, this is a platform where they can become super famous in a short period of time. Somewhere this becomes the reality of social media. Usually, we understand Social media platforms as a tool to connect with people who we want to connect with but some teenagers who want to get fame overnight will do something on social media that of course gives them popularity but in the wrong manner.

Recently zeus and chie scandal whose Wikipedia will be covered Later has recently become super famous for her leaked and private video. As you can see in the video, she is doing something that obviously comes under the shocking category.

zeus and chie video, what is in the video?

Our Team is working on collecting more information about the woman featured in the viral video of zeus and chie scandal CCTV. The Recent viral video of Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins in which they were caught under the same CCTV is getting viral on the internet and becoming more viral among netizens.

According to the sources, the Two worldwide famous actors arrive in a vehicle at an automobile parking space via the nighttime. They are seen parking their vehicle between a truck and an SUV. Although the actors were not clearly visible in the CCTV footage but sources confirmed that the moving people in the video zeus and chie scandal. 

zeus and chienna scandal explained

Some websites were claiming that Chienna Filomeno who is a well known actress  was threatened by a certain ‘LGBTQ’ to launch the video by hashtagging Zeus. She also revealed “The anonymous specific individual made crazy prices in opposition to the Kapamilya star on Instagram, claiming that they witnessed what occurred throughout the ABS-CBN automobile parking space with Zeus. The specific individual had talked about: “Kita naming lahat sa CCTV ng ABSCBN. Sue me for this and I will show the CCTV footage. Dare me”

Meanwhile, Chienna had denied every accusation from the anonymous man. Also,  Zeus Collins has not commented one thing on the problems. On the basis of viral CCTV footage, fans criticized Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins on their respective Instagram accounts. As Chienna has more than 3 million and her sudden scandal video creates a controversy on the social media platforms. 

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