In this blog, we are going to talk about COLLINS Car Park video which is trending on the internet world for the past couple of hours. The video contains the private moments of social media influencers Zeus And Chienna.

Both have a huge fan following on social media platforms. Chienna who is an Instagram model has millions of fan following. She is known for her enticing photos and videos all over the internet. Her leaked video really surprised the fan following.

There are hundreds of reaction messages on the viral videos. We will discuss more the clip later in this blog. So don’t go anywhere just keep reading to not miss anything. 



A short clip is trending on the internet titled ZEUS COLLINS Car Park scandal video. The video was claimed to be of Zeus And Chienna. The scandal video is circulating like wildfire on the internet. 

You can find the same on multiple social media platforms. ZEUS and COLLINS were two social media stars with a mass fan following. COLLINS who is an Instagram model has around 3 million followers at the moment.

There are some leads confirming Zeus and Collins are in an active relationship. Both claimed to be dating each other for some time now. However, they never announced the same in the public domain.  And the recently leaked video of the couple confirmed many doubts. 

Zeus scandal video

The Zeus scandal video origin and source remain unidentified at the moment. There is no lead confirming from where it first came out. There are multiple fake accounts that have uploaded the same. You can find them on Twitter as well as Reddit.

The scandal video of ZEUS and COLLINS in the car parking has already crossed thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

Although there are lots of details that are yet to be revealed in the case. As of now the couple has not reacted or commented on the ZEUS COLLINS Car Park clip. Both still maintain their silence over the same. 

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