We are saddened to announce R5 Homixide, a young rapper from Atlanta committed suicide. The news of his death is spread like wildfire on social networking sites. So many people mourn at the news and some shares RIP messages. Mostly he was followed by the young generation. At the suicide news, so many rappers also took social media sites to open their heart content. According to the sources R5 was just 24 years old when he ends his life. So far the cause of his decision to do so is not clear. We will discuss everything in detail further in the blog.

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R5 homixide Death

The news of R5 Homixide dead is confirmed on Monday. All over the internet tributes are shared by the people. It was also clarified by our sources, that the reason for his death was committing suicide. So far we do not have any information that clarifies the reason which forced him to take this step. also, he has not left any notice. No doubt he was a rising rapper of the generation, R5 homixide was named by  Lalaa Shepard as an emerging rapper in the last segment of Lalaa Land.

R5 homixide Suicide Reason

The reason for R5 Homixide suicide reason is not revealed yet by any source. We will update you once we got any leads.


So far family of  R5 Homixide has not revealed obituary information. We will update you further when we received any lead from the family members. Our team shared deepest condolences with the family members. We can understand how difficult this time was for the entire fan following and known of the young rapper. You can share your RIP messages in the comment box too.

“R5 homixide situation is sad, he tweeted just last month saying pills are fucking up his thinking and he’s gotta quit them, now this. Rest in peace. Never listened to his music but it’s always sad when something like this happens.” one wrote on twitter.

Rapper R5 homixide


R5 Homixide was a popular rapper from Atlanta. He was 24 years old when he commits suicide and ends his life. He was best known for his song Lion Heart which was released recently. He was a cheerful and loving person who enjoy life fully. The personal details like a girlfriend, net worth is not known to us at the moment. We will announce it later once we have enough data to show you.

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R5 homixide Age

R5 Homixide age is 24 years old. He was a young and motivating soul. So many young boys of Atlanta take him as their ideal and dream to become just like him one day. We pray his soul rest in peace.

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