The tragic death of Amanda Lyons is circulating on the internet, several people are searching about this. They long to know every single detail related to her. As per the report, she has been murdered after she just finished a kicking game at the part in North Philadephia, all of sudden a gunshot rang out and everything was shattered. Her loved ones and knowns are mourning. It is a hard time for all of them they are going through. His relatives and friends are paying her condolence on social media, they are expressing their feeling with emotional captions. Netizens want to know what is her death caused and how did she die? Let’s find out all the required details through this post.

Amanda Lyons

Amanda Lyons Death

As per the official source, we came to know that she was hit by a stray bullet on her back after that she fell on the ground. At the age of 36 she has passed away, she was motionless from the waist. Some of her other teammates who work in the medical field came to her and looked after her. After that occupational therapist whose name is Cate Furman.

He used paraffin therapy to treat carpal tunnel pain in Lyon’s hand at the Magee Riverfront Outpatient Centre in Philadelphia on the 21st of August 2021. After the tragic incident, she was injured and paralyzed by several spinal cords and left in a wheelchair. This incident affected her life a lot, she was a player her work was to move, she wanted to play jump kick and more.

who was Amanda Lyons?

Now everything is destroyed, on social media, we can see a wave of condolence, his loved ones are posting her pictures we express our deep condolence to the family, may her soul rest in peace. Her family seeking some private time, we should respect their privacy as of now and give them some private time. She is also a therapist, now has been a patient and being treated.

There are some rumors that she is dead on the other sites some are saying that she is recovering after the stray gunshot. She was not the only one, there was one more victim of the shooting. A 13-year-old girl was also shot while driving. We are waiting for further updates, investigation about the shooting is going on, we will update you with the missing info.

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