Recently America Williams has been making news headlines after the rumors of her sudden passing broke out in public. She is a popular American singer and actress best known for being Miss America in 1983. She was the first African-American to get the crown. Following the rumors of her passing fan following passes shocking reactions.

The reports created a buzz on the social media platforms and leads to more circulation of the baseless rumors. We will talk about the same later in this blog so make sure you read till the end. 

America Williams

Who is America Williams?

Vanessa Williams aka America Williams is 43 years old actress, singer, and fashion designer. She is well known for being crowned with  Miss America 1984. Although she had to resign from the same in the wake of controversy and pressure from the administration. In 1988 she came up with her debut album The Right Stuff. Later on, she kept releasing her albums and achieved unmatched success in the field. Her songs like The Comfort Zone and The Sweetest Days are considered as best ones.

Talking about her personal life, Williams married Jim Skrip who was a businessman, and the couple was blessed with the sweet daughter Jillian Hervey. Jillian also became a singer and created her own identity with her amazing songs. You can meet her on Instagram where whooping 548k people follow her. Her recent post was from yesterday. 


In one of her recent posts, she wrote “While in rehearsals for @kennedycenter 50th Broadway concerts I admired a unique jacket dancer was wearing. I show up the next day and there’s a new fab jacket delivered just for me! A million thanks to you Dragan”

America Williams

America Williams Dead or Still Alive

No, She is still alive with sound health. The America Williams Dead rumors are possibly just a fallacy nothing more. As of now, there is no official report or response from the family members related to her death. The reports claiming her death started circulating from March 3 but did not specify the reason behind her demise. Being an actress and former Miss America she mass fan following and well-wishers. Her sudden death rumors cause a big shock to them. This further intensified the fake reports and helps in their wide circulation. Through our platform, we have already invalidated these baseless death theories. 

Last minute coming to town at end of next week for a reading of show that might tryout in Orlando. This show has a Sunday evening perf so I’m interested in what you think. The premise alone is super strong. Also, going to Anyone Can Whistle with Vanessa Williams!” said Jeff Revels. 

Rumors Exposed!

The origin of Erica Williams death remains unidentified at the moment. The same circulated from social media and created a buzz. As of now, Erica or her family members did not respond to the viral theories claiming her dead. Our team is trying its best to gain further knowledge. We will keep you updated with future details.

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