Recently the death news of Barbara Stonehouse was confirmed by multiple sources on the internet.  The news just came out on social networking sites and spread like wildfire on the internet. Everyone is talking about Barbara and his suspicious demise.

The searches for his name also spiked many folds since the news came out related to the death. We will share more useful information further in this blog. So keep reading to not miss a single piece of information. 

Who is Barbara Stonehouse?

John Stonehouse who is spouse of Barbara was born in 1925. When he was just 16 years old, he joined the labor party and took a step toward his political career. Later he got more success in his career through his consistent effort. At the start of his career, he became a co-operative Labor MP.

Barbara Stonehouse was married to John in 1948. The couple spent more than 30 years together with each other and were blessed with a son and two daughters. But the married life broke and both departed in 1978.

In 1969 Stonehouse was alleged to the serious crime of spying for Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union. Although due to a lack of authentic evidence against him he got exonerated. 

barbara stonehouse dead

In 1974, John intentionally left his shoes near the river so that it looks like he drowned and died. And then he started living in Australia with a fake identity. Where he married Sheila Buckley. But later got arrested and imprisoned for 7 years of jail. Jill Hellary wrote on Facebook “1974. There’s an Interesting Programme on Channel 4 tonight about Potters Bar’s very own Famous resident “John Stonehouse” who lived in Mount Grace Road, the Labour MP who faked his disappearance in 1974.

THE SPY WHO DIED TWICE, 9 pm Channel 4. Not to be missed.”

barbara smith stonehouse

Barbara Stonehouse’s life remain undisclosed from the moment she got divorced from John. She has never seen it on social media as well. There are no official details available in the public domain confirming her presence status.

Although recently some rumors broke out on the internet confirming her dead. We can’t confirm any details on the same due to a lack of trusted leads. We are checking for further information to come out in the context for better clarity. 

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