We are saddened to announce another heartbreaking News our team just got from our sources. The news is popular Folk Musician named Barry Coope is no more with us. This is another heartbreaking news after DJ John Doe we got today. If you don’t know Barry Coope by his name, then you will surely know him from some of his famous songs like The Avenging AngelOnly RememberedJerusalem Revisited, etc. We will learn more about the dead Musician later in the article.

Barry Coope

Who is Barry Coope?

Barry Coope was a famous Musician, you can easily find him on YouTube and many other music platforms. He was also famous for being a member of the vocal folk trio Coope Boyes and Simpson. The musician is no more with us but he will always be alive among his songs. His songs will always remind us about Barry Coope. The entire music industry will never forget what a significant musician Barry was. 

Barry Coope Death

Barry Coope Death News first come in front of people on November 6, 2021. Hundreds of netizens were paying tribute to him on Social media. His age is not yet confirmed by our sources but we will update it soon. His sudden and unexpected Death left this entire fan base, followers, friends, and family heartbroken and upset. Currently, we don’t have any idea about the Barry Coope Cause of death but we will surely find out in near future. 


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One Twitter User wrote:

Desperately sad news…he appeared at TwickFolk at least five times over the years with either Jim & Lester or Tam. Loveliest of fellas and great singer, writer, arranger and musician. Rest in Peace  ‘Who will blow the candle out tonight?’

Another Said:

Sad loss indeed, Barry of Coope, Boyes & Simpson. Jacques when he was at Talbot House years ago with his parents heard him sing Roses of Picardy at the Bremen Redoubt. He still says to this day he’s never heard anyone sing it the way Barry did, it was so beautiful. Sad, sad loss.



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