Really saddening news has just hit social media and created a numb environment all over. American electronic music producer name Carl Craig has been dead as confirmed by some source on the internet. Rob Morrow through a post on Twitter informed his follower about the devastating news of Carl’s passing. He wrote “RIP the great #CarlCraig we went into battle shooting season 2 of #gamespeopleplay budget was cut, Covid, but Carl always there to pull us through w/knowledge, insight, warm smile, his sweet spirit. When all seemed hopeless he’d pull a rabbit out of a hat. I will miss you, kid.” Keep reading to explore more about the cause of death and some key points of his life. 

who is Carl Craig?

Carl Craig was a renowned music producer, DJ who hails from Detroit, Michigan, U.S. He was born on May 22, 1969. Some people best remember him for his record label Planet E-Communications. He earned a huge name thanks to his passion and hard work in the late 1980s as the Detroit techno artist. for Best Remixed Recording Carl was nominated for Grammy Award.

with a huge fan following on social media, he is a role model for many. From starting of his career, he released many recordings with different name popular ones like Psyche, BFC69, Paperclip People, etc. Talking about his personal life, he attended Cooley High School. From the early days of life, he decided to become a music producer. 

Carl Craig dead

There are some reports on social media claiming him dead due to unknown reasons. Although the Wikipedia page of carl is still yet to update on the same. Also from the family or relatives, no messages have been posted to give more clarity over the same. He was around 52 years old and if he really died as claimed by these reports, it is really a matter of deep shock. Carl Craig was a polite, passionate, inspiring, and always smiling guy who loves to spend time with people.

His out of box thinking and never-giving-up approach was one of his commendable virtues.  In his long successful career, he worked with innumerable popular music producers and artists. Our team shares deepest condolences over the passing of a legendary musician and prays for his family members. 


How did the Music Producer die?

As we mentioned above, the reason behind Carl Craig’s sudden passing is yet to be disclosed by the family and relatives. Our team is working round the clock to collect as much information as possible to bring more clarity. We will update this blog once we are successful in the same. 

Many famous people participate in sharing the tributes and condolence messages over the saddening passing of legendary artists. phrasing some of them here, Robert Townsend said “Rest in peace Mr. Carl Craig, one of my oldest friends and producer, I couldn’t have done HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE without him. This photo is the money shot, we were on the European PR tour for Shuffle in http://Norway.My prayers go out to his wife, daughters, and family. I miss you”

Another wrote “Such a kind man with a great spirit. I always appreciated you mentioning my name in rooms for work. I wish I’d known you were sick, I would’ve definitely made time to come see you or see if you needed anything. Major love, Carl Craig, you will be missed.”

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