Chaya Perlow, Watch Her Racist Video Viral On TikTok: Once again a racist video is circulated all over the social media spaces. This time the video was of Chaya Perlow. In the video, she seemed to be indulging in racism slur by saying Chinese should go to china and Americans to go America. The short clip now become a matter of attention for all.

Chaya Perlow

There are people condemning the lady mentality and at the same time, there are some who support her. We will discuss more her personal stuff in this blog. So kindly keep reading till the end.

Who is Chaya Perlow?

According to the sources, Chaya Perlow is Brooklyn based lady. Information about her age, husband, the profession is not known at the moment. She became a hot topic on the internet after her video went viral.

Kelly wrote  “hey kkkunty! A behavior analyst? Maybe you should check on your racist behavior. & do something about your face while you’re at it. Yikes.”

In which she is discriminating against humans on the basis of their country of origin. So far there is no update came out related to any legal action took place or not. We will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the matter. our team founded her Twitter account with the name @chaya_perlow. 

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Chaya Perlow Racist Video

The viral clip of Brooklyn lady was public by Calvin Lee. He is a TikToker who holds a decent amount of followers on his handle. He uploaded the short video through his account and eventually clip crossed thousands of views. 

How Social Media react?

Social media users are condemning her for spreading the racist slur. There is no doubt the increasing number of these kinds of cases reminded us of the ground reality.


There are still lots of people who discriminate against humans on the basis of their caste, religion, breed, and country. And this problem can’t be solved with guns or force, the solution lies in the transformation of mentality. 


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