A Viral Instagram Model and TikTok Star Daniela Buritica are again caught under the spotlight of Social media after a video got leaked on the internet. The massive Audience base was looking for the viral video of Daniela buritica and it seems that the video contains an inappropriate clip in which Daniela buritica is featured. The Viral Instagram model’s viral video is out of our reach as of now but we will update you as soon as we get the full video.

Daniela Buritica

Who is Daniela Buritica?

Daniela Buritica is a viral and rising fame on Instagram. Her highly engaging content was widely shared among netizens and her fans. She has an Instagram account with the username buriticadaniela and her fans were really like her content. Besides her Instagram Account, she has decent followings on TikTok Channel also. Her former TikTok handle was laburitica. She has currently 270,000 Instagram followers. She has also gained more than 30,000 fans on her TikTok channel. We also found that she is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend named Lunaty.


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Daniela Buritica

Daniela Buritica Video

Recently a huge bump of searches came on the Twitter platform with the queries of Daniela Buritica Video. Although the Viral Instagram Star’s video is not available on social media as of now. As the video featured an inappropriate clip of Dylan Talley that’s why social media handles were not allowed this kind of video. But here is a summy of the video for you, you can get the idea of the viral Dylan Talley video in this video.¬†

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