A new case of using Tiktok to spread hate and make racist content has been identified. This time Dillon Miller from Hopwood Hall College is making headlines due to his hatred of content on the short video sharing platform. In the video, his face is mostly painted black due to which it is difficult to get his actual identity. We will share more about his personal life in this blog. So kindly keep reading till the end.

Who is Dillon Miller Hopwood Hall College?

Dillon Miller Manchester-based TikTok content creator. On a short video sharing platform, he was with the name @blackfacehypehouse. On the space, he was 371 followers and thousands of likes. Mostly all his shorts clips are negative and contain racism. And due to which he received backlashes in the comments section. But still, he did not abstain from creating the ones. According to his profile, he belongs to Hopwood Hall College.

Often you find Dillon’s face hidden with black paint. The plausible reason behind the same looks like he does not want to reveal his actual identity. We are still working on the subject to collect more information.

Dear Dean, director, teachers- this IS YOUR STUDENT!! Dillon Miller Age 17. I would contact his family because this racist POS video is BLOWING UP and with it his identity and this school! #EndRacism good parenting mom and dad. I’d hide his dumbass PEOPLE ARE PISSED”

Racist Posts On Tiktok

As mentioned he was making headlines after his racist content on Tiktok went viral on other social media platforms like Twitter. Recently the increasing number of these kinds of incidents confirmed the level of hatred and racism at the root of our society. There are some sources claiming his TikTok account get banned due to mass reporting.

one said tagging college authorities @”hopwoodhall @derekotoole so what are you doing about Dillon Miller???

Keeping an openly racist student enrolled in your school is representative of your attitudes towards POC rights.

He is old enough to know better, and he deserves to feel the consequences of his actions.”


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Social Media Reaction

Social media users took their accounts to show their protest against Dillon Miller. They are demanding immediate action against the same for spreading negative content. one wrote reacting to Miller’s content “Report this page!!! The person’s name (as seen in the comments of one of the videos) is Dillon Miller. The kid is in high school”

other said “And speaking of fighting for freedom, this is one of your alleged students, Dillon Miller, flying the SS flag. Nazism is a tenant of your school?”

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