Ebit Lew’s name is trending on the internet, netizens are paying lots of attention to this case. Do you know who is Ebit Lew? He is a preacher, who has been recently arrested in the early morning. Since the news came out that he is in the custody of the police. people became active on social media and tried to figure out more details. As per as we know Ebit Lew’s video has been leaked which is getting viral on the internet. Some netizens are sharing the video, and some seek Ebit Lew’s video. Let’s find out what happened to him and the reason behind his arrest.

Ebit Lew Video

As per the report, he has been brought to court and as of now, he is facing 11 charges including sexual harassment.  Yes, you are hearing this right, Ebit who is a preacher still has got involved in such matte. People are criticizing him on the internet and they are showing their aggression. His actions are defaming him, as we know previously Ebit Lew’s video was leaked, once again people have initiated to search his video on the internet.

Who is Ebit Lew? – Wikipedia

As of now, Ebit Lew is 37 years old, he is behind the bars, from the early morning today the district office has been guarded by police.  There is very little info about this case, as this news is coming out bit by bit. People are showing interest to know more details, as per the recent updates we came to know that, the investigation is going on.  The Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director, whose name is Datuk Seri Jalil Hassan, is supposed to hold a press after the court proceeding.

Ebit Lew Arrested

He was arrested on Feb 18th, 2022,  he is one of the famous preachers, who has been in the trouble these days. His arrest video is also available on youtube,  previously, his inappropriate video was circulating on the internet. There were some appropriate pics, screenshots, and videos. The video must have been removed from most of the social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and more. Right now he is facing charges, it seems that he is supposed to have some good time in jail, as soon as we find more details through the sources we will let you know.


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