The documentary “We Have Your Husband” by Dateline’s correspondent Keith Morrison tells the true story of Eduardo Garcia Valseca and his wife, Jayne, who was abducted in Mexico in 2007. After the kidnapping, the family relocated to a 3,000-acre desert ranch in California. In 2011, the couple published a book that was turned into a Lifetime television movie. The children and the family’s friends and relatives paid close attention to the story.

Jayne Valseca was born on September 5, 1966, in Silver Spring, Maryland. After graduating from college, Jayne pursued an acting career and lived in New York City and Los Angeles. Jayne appeared in several commercials and minor roles in movies and television shows, before meeting Eduardo in a Maryland supermarket parking lot. The couple married in 1998. Eduardo Valseca is a businessman and a real estate investor.

Eduardo Valseca

Who is Eduardo Valseca?

Jayne Valseca, Eduardo’s wife, died of breast cancer at age 45. She lived in the same neighborhood and graduated from the University of Maryland. The book “We Have Your Husband” was published in 2011. Jayne Valseca appeared on the NBC Today show and on ABC’s “Dateline” news program. She was a vital part of the effort to help the victims of the Mexican drug cartel.

The NBC Dateline show “The Ranch” is about the kidnapping of Eduardo Valseca. Jayne Valseca was his wife for more than a year. They had three children together. Their children, Jayne, Eduardo, and their daughter, Isabel, survived the kidnapping. They also built a cactus farm and a Waldorf school together. The couple raised three children while they were living in the desert.

what happened with eduardo valseca?

The kidnappers of Eduardo Valseca kidnapped him and demanded a ransom of $8 million. His abductors had been beaten severely by the cartel members. He was also severely underweight when he was finally freed. However, Eduardo’s family refused to pay the ransom, and the criminals beat him severely. The kidnappers made it a point to torture Eduardo.

Who is Jayne Valseca?

Upon his release from the kidnappers, the family members returned to Guanajuato, Mexico, to pick up Eduardo. They were told to drop off the ransom money in Mexico City. The employees had packed the money in a duffel bag and took $100 bills. Fernando was so shocked that he barely recognized his own father. The Valseca family was reunited after several months. While the kidnappers had intended to blackmail Eduardo and his family, they eventually decided to release the ransom money.

His wife Nayah Valseca is an avid traveler. While she appears to spend most of her time in Maryland, she is also a fan of the outdoors. She has visited many places both inside and outside the country. The documentary “Eduardo Valseca: A True Story” will tell this story from a different perspective. While the story is a tragic one, it also provides a valuable lesson in the importance of family and friends.

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