In this blog, we are going to discuss Erkan Keskin, the former national president of the Lone wolf gang. He was making news recently after the reports of his death circulated all over the social networking sites. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unidentified as there are no official reports. Stay with the article to explore everything we have collected so far related to him and his mysterious demise. 

Who was Erkan Keskin?

Erkan Keskin well known as ‘Eric the Wolf’ was a motorcycle gang boss and former president of the Lone wolf gang. There are so many incidences where he came into the media limelight. Like in July 2015, Erkan was founded waving handguns and running down completely nude on the street of Sydney. Although exactly what happened to him that force him to do that remained undisclosed. Two years ago he left Australia and settled in turkey. Sources revealed he was 44 years old at the time of his suspicious demise. If you talk about her marital status, then for your kind information he is married. But he also has a girlfriend named Erin Burazer who was spotted in Sydney. As per some rumors her wife live in Dubai.

Erkan Keskin is Dead

Recently shocking news came from the turkey where ‘Eric the Wolf’ dead body was founded. The circumstances around his demise remain undisclosed. He was 44 years old at the time of his departure. Internet netizens are showing curiosity over the mysterious death of the gang boss. 

Erkan Keskin was also known for the name Naked Bikie following the incident of running down on the street completely naked. Back in 2019, he won the charges alleged against him related to kidnapping at Penrith Local Court. Apart from this, he has also faced the allegation of drug trafficking. 

Eric the Wolf Cause of Death

As mentioned above there is no official leads confirming the reason behind his sudden demise. Her girlfriends Erin Burazer has still maintained silence over the same. The obituary and funeral details are also remain unearthed at the moment. Our team is trying to collect further leads and will update you as soon as possible. 

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