Recently a video has viral on the web, where we can see a heavy storm Eunice Oxford Viral Video, which brought heavy damage along with it. It was also recorded in the CCTC camera, in which braking wing gusts can be seen.

This natural activity took place in the UK, where two people have lost their lives and some moe got some serious injuries.  As far as we got to know a 30-year-old woman has also lost her life when a tree has fallen down on a car.

Eunice Oxford Viral Video

As per the statement of the Metropolitan police, this is the first death that has been confirmed so far to Eunice in England. Through the further report, we found that Merseyside Police have also confirmed the victim who lost his life in the disaster storm to hit the UK. He was 50 years old and died in Nethorm, Merseyside after he was hit y debris. At the time of his death, he was traveling.

In the statement of policy, it was said that police have contacted after 2:10 pm with the reports of debris hitting the windshield of a car on Switch Island/ Dunningsbridge Road. There was also a male passenger in the vehicle, he was injured.

And paramedics were also there at the scene but the man was declared dead soon, It is a big loss to the family, on the Twitter and social media sites, netizens are continuously reacting over this and they are bent on searching for more details about the incident.

who is Eunice Oxford?

The male driver of the vehicle was not injured. Talking about the damage of the storm Eunice, the tree surgeons have fallen trees in Spencer  Park, Battersea, Southwest London. It is being told to be one of the worst storms ever to hit the UK in a generation. After that, the authorities of the country urged millions of people to stay safe at home on Friday.

During the storm, there was no electricity in some places and some were unable to travel. Even red weather warning has been issued but the Met Office for the impact of the extremely strong winds. Some of the men were hospitalized after they were injured in the storm.

It was a natural disaster that can not be controlled by anyone. We all should be taught how to save ourselves during these activities. For more latest updates stay updated with us on the same site, will be right back soon.

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