Once again the topic of gabriel kuhn murder is catching fire on social media. People were becoming curious to know more about the complete story of young boy Gabriel Kuhn who was killed by a 16 years old Daniel Patry. Gabriel Kuhn was the young victim of a homicide case. Nearly about 2007, he was murdered but now in 2021, the case is catching hype on the internet. We will learn all about the young boy Gabriel in the article.

who is gabriel kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn was born in  Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1995. He belonged to a well-stable family. He was also a good student and a passionate personality for his dreams. On July 23, 2007, Gabriel was playing Tibia online with his neighbor friend daniel Patry then suddenly controversy began. Petrie would say that the boy cheated at play. Then their story turned into a horrible movie. 

where is Daniel Patry now?

Daniel Petry was furious and went to the neighbor’s house. Gabriel’s parents are not there, his brother is gone and the boy is alone. Confident, he opened the door for Petri, knocking him down as soon as he walked through the door and started hitting him. Gabriel Kuhn tried to defend himself but failed. Then Petrie took him into the bedroom and raped him on the bed. The boy screamed and cried, but this only made Petri crueler. The sheets on the boy’s bed were stained with blood. Gabriel Kuhn threatened to report him and told his parents everything. Then Petri, frantic, decided to kill him.

what happend with Gabriel Kuhn

“Petri took a wire and wrapped it around the gabriel’s neck and He kept squeezing until gabriel passed out. Then he went to the garage of the house and took out a hacksaw. He returned to the child and began to cut it up. Gabriel Khun regained consciousness for a few minutes and began to scream in pain. But Petri kept cutting. He cut off his left leg. Gabriel stopped screaming: he was in shock from the bleeding. Petri took the hacksaw and decided to continue. He was so fierce that he cut off his right leg. The autopsy revealed that Gabriel was alive when his legs were cut off; shortly after, he died of pain and excessive blood loss.”

“Petrie first tried to hide the body in the hatch of the house. To do this, he took more cables and tried to hang them up. But he didn’t make it because Gabriel was too heavy. He then threw it at the door of the house. Shortly after, his brother arrived and found the body lying on the door. He scared her that she was running into the street. Another neighbor saw him and called the police.”

“The police quickly found Petrie: Gabriel’s computer showed the battle that had just occurred earlier. They immediately arrested him in his own home. After the autopsy results came out, Petrie agreed to kill the boy alive but refused to admit to the rape, claiming that he was not gay.”

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