Gavin Mahlangu Death: Gavin Mahlangu was the executive manager of the government The Presidency is at the apex of the system of government in the Republic of South Africa. His death news is circulating on the internet and his friends and supporter mourn his Death online. It seems that he was a Stylist, Personal Shopper, Wardrobe Organizer by profession.

Gavin Mahlangu

Who is Gavin Mahlangu?

Gavin Mahlangu was a professional stylist at, he has fans around the web. He was a famous social media celebrity and has hundreds of supporters. He was a kind-hearted personality and no doubt that his fans and friends were heartbroken after losing him. We also found his Facebook account which is flooded with RIP comments and posts. One of his close friends wrote on Facebook:

“I’m so hurt 😭

The only guy that kissed me on my lips in front of my husband then after attempting to kiss him as well 😂♥️
He looked and smelled good. Clean and laughed like crazy
I remember 11 years ago I took his car for my drivers test and passed. He picked me up and spun with me until I got dizzy. Whenever he had problems with his car while I was working in the north he’d come collect my empty car , run errands and bring it in full tank . I loved it😂
He’d chased me out of my grandmas house saying your Surname is not Mahlangu hamba Dudu .kusekhaya la 😂🙄🙄🙄 Gav
Gavin was such a people’s person man . He loved kids and was a life of any party
Lala ngoxolo Gavin Mahlangu
2021 so much pain
I’m so sorry T Tholokuhle Dube”

Gavin Mahlangu Death

Currently, we don’t have any update about the Cause of death of Gavin Mahlangu. But our team will find it soon for sure. It seems that Gavin was around 24 at the time of his death. His official obituary is not yet released by any of his family members.

His one friend wrote:

“RIP My Brother Gavin Mahlangu My stylish Brother Rest Easy Mfowethu Hard to Believe That you are no more and I won’t

Hear your Voice Again and Your Charismatic Laughter Rest Easy Soldier”
Another Said:

“Too sad to share our pictures and videos that we had together, so I’ll share your amazing work with me.

Without you I would not be this confident and care-free. You taught me to be unapologetically me. I can never thank you enough Gavin for being the amazing human being you have been in my life.
From new dance moves! To being an amazing uncle to the kids, to laughing uncontrollably, to telling me to snap out of it if I was feeling down. Every time I gave birth you pushed me to feel beautiful again even when I couldn’t look at my body and scars. Whenever you were at home we would all laugh at your silly jokes.
The whole household is so heartbroken, all in tears. We’re gonna miss you so much! We had so many plans.. I just hope I make you proud always. I LOVE YOU FOREVER MY G! Thank you is just not enough”

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