Ahem, ahem! It seems like vaping is driving all of your attention to becoming its pro, huh? You know what? It is the magic of this act that the more we vape, the more it lures our minds to try its new tricks. Right? When we begin with it, we all usually use those basic tricks to do it. But when we fall in love with this super joyful thing, the inner us feel the urge to try a new way for it.


Yeah, how many smoke lovers would say that even they can do it by smoking. Okay, that’s true. But it is undeniable that currently, smoking has a limited scope of new tricks. They are just a few. On the other hand, vaping is bringing a fresh way to do it every while. When users feel familiar with a new trick, we get another one. And this, somewhere, amuses the users.


Some vaping skills are common for every category of vape kit, including CBD vape. Those tricks do not help us erase the adverse impacts of the act. But they enable us to enjoy the most of its plus points. It is no secret that puffing is now one of the most trending things, especially for the youth. In that case, you would want to flaunt a new puff trick in front of your friends. Right?


Well, we can help make an indelible impression on them. Many vape manners are thrilling in the market. And one of the most trending and fresh ones is ghosting. Yes, you heard that right, you can make a ghost. No, it is not as spooky as those ghosts. Plus, in contrast, they are super fun and easy to make. So, here is all about the new vaping trick on the market. Now let’s begin-

Welcome to the realm of ghosting: what is it?

Okay, let’s begin by learning what precisely ghosting is. So, the ghost vape method is a manner of puffing. In this, you blow a dense cloud of vape. Its shape would be like a ball, and then you would suck the vape again. This manner may seem a bit typical but trust us! You can handily become a master at doing it. And that too in no time, you will merely need some practice.

Now, you must be marveling at why you should go for this advanced technique. Right? Well! Let us give you some reasons to adore it in the next section.


Okay, I’m all ears. Why should I do it?

Vaping is not just about sucking and blowing vape juice. It is also or even more about the way you do it. And this manner brings super excitement and great fun. Plus, if you are a newbie to puffing, it can be an incredible, or probably the best, way to begin. It does not ask for any pro skills. But it still holds the eligibility for you to outshine your friends. It’s impressive. And it gets more wow vibes when you see its vapors. Moreover, it doesn’t require you to employ any other props or tools or do it. And that means that you can perform this gimmick wherever you want. Not just this, it is convenient to do with any kind or flavor of vaping juice. Now that seems amusingly impressive and worth trying. Isn’t it? So, let’s learn the method to perform it.


It’s time to uncover the best way to execute it and know how it works-

Okay, so we divide the process into three vital sections to help you discern the process more efficiently. Let’s take a look at them here-


  • Inhaling-

The first step begins with the technique to inhale it. You will most likely find this the most typical one in the entire process. Yeah, because it’s the most crucial one, as well. Moreover, it will help you determine how well you can do this method. During the process, you need to keep a vital thing in mind. And that is it is vaping and not smoking.


If you are getting any turmoil between the two, let us clear it for you. By that, we mean that, unlike smoking, here you will need to lunge hit in place of a mouth hit. That works as a lung hit when you drink fluid from a straw and straightly gulp it.


But when you’re sipping the liquid in the same way, but instead of gulping it, you’re keeping it in your mouth, that’s a mouth hit. Employ your mouth instead for the best results. Besides, while practicing, avoid breathing from your nose. 

  • Releasing-

Okay, now here comes the second step. It includes blowing the ball-shaped puff. However, it is not identical to releasing those conventional vape clouds or rings. In this, you will have to blow a huger or more solid shape puff cloud. The shape or the way you form it plays a crucial role here. So, you have to shape your mouth accordingly.


The tighter you’ll shape your mouth for O; the better will be the cloud. Once you think the shape of your mouth is a perfect O, you can gradually blow with exhalation. Employ your tongue to retain its structure. It will keep the puff distorted. Besides, remember that the quantity of force you’ll apply through your tongue during the push will determine the cloud’s traveling distance. 


The harder you push, the more it will travel. We suggest you go for a softer and slower puff. It will help you perform with more grace in the next step. Other than this, if you desire a denser puff, flick the tongue softly. And for an immense one, flick it harder.


  • Inhaling-

Lastly, you have to re-inhale the puff. The shape of your mouth matters here, too. You’ll need to keep your lips apart and outwards. Open your mouth to a medium amount for the preferred speed of inhaling. It will help you catch it more efficiently and quickly. Besides, avoid continuous or more movements. Don’t haste it. A medium-speed to recapture it would be the best. Try to do it steadily. It will enable the ghost to thrill longer outside before you inhale it.


And this was everything essential about the ghosting trick of vaping. Now, you know the causes for loving it and the best method to do it. So, keep practicing if you are a vaping newbie and in no time, you will excel at it! Please share your experience with us. And stay tuned for more!

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