In this blog, we are going to discuss Girikumar Patil who is a doctor by profession living in Ukraine. He was gaining social media popularity after his decision to not leave Ukraine in the wake Russian invasion and war. And the reason behind the same is linked to his pet. Girikumar was in love with his pet and emotionally connect with it. He denied to came to India without his pet. Because of all this everyone on the networking sites talking about him and the decision. Keep reading to learn more about him. 

Girikumar Patil

Who is Girikumar Patil?

Girikumar Patil also known as Jaguar Kumar is a doctor by profession who belongs to Andhra Pradesh in India. He visited the Ukrain in 2007 for learning medicines but later decided to settle in the Donbas region. After completing his studies, he went to join the local hospital of Ukraine as an orthopedic.

Girikumar has a lovely jaguar and a black panther living with them. In this period he has developed an emotional relationship with them. And living them alone in this time could not be possible for him. He uploads the videos of the big cat on his youtube channel.

Patil adapted the jaguar with the permission of the authorities. He named it Yasha. Most of his time was spent enjoying with loving animals. Girikumar also gave an interview on BBC. 

Girikumar patil wikipedia 

As of now, Girikumar Patil has no Wikipedia page on the internet.  Information related to his personal life like marital status, age, etc, remains undisclosed at the moment. Our team is on the job to further collect more data. You can follow our for updates. He possessed a jaguar who is a male 20 months old. In addition her female panther is just six months old. 

You can find his Youtube channel where around 88k subscribers are there. 

“he spent $35,000 (£26,460) to buy the panther and the jaguar from the Kyiv zoo about 20 months ago. He said the zoo allowed private sales of animals provided the owner had enough space to keep them – Mr. Patil showed the birth certificates of the animals supplied by the zoo.”

The current situation in his area is really bad and getting worsen with the period of time. There is consistent electricity and internet cut. Most of his neighbors has already left the place and shifted to a nearby village to save from Russian aggression. But hats off to Girikumar who shows us all a new definition of love towards living beings. 

Trending On Internet 

Girikumar was making news headlines following his denial of coming back to India without his loving pets. Social media users are stunned by the reports getting viral on social media. Many share good wishes and pray for safety. The news of the same is covered by the major media group.

Indian Doctor refuses to leave Ukraine without his pet panther & jaguar. Girikumar Patil, popularly known as Jaguar Kumar, who hails from India’s Andhra Pradesh says, “Until my last moment I’ll protect them. There’s no way I’ll leave the kids (my pets) behind.” said Harjinder Singh Kukreja. 


Jacob Thomas reacted to the news “I wish all the luck & blessing to Mr. GIRIKUMAR PATIL from ANDRA PRADESH He has 2 pets One is Jaguar & the second is a Leopard I admire his courage to hold back in Ukraine and take care of his pets. Hopefully, he and his pets get A way out.”

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