Hayden Regal was the Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football Player who recently passed away and left his parents heartbroken:

Hayden Regal Death news is circulating among the netizens. The sudden death of a Young football player brokes the heart of many. People were curious to know who is Hayden Regal and why he is been trending on Social media. Be on the article to get all about a young footballer. 

Hayden Regal

Who is Hayden Regal?

According to social media, Hayden Regal was a member of Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football. He was one of the favorite players and a lovely friend of the entire school. We can understand that all the friends, teachers, and supporters of Hayden Regal are going through heartbroken pain because of losing a future superstar. According to Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football Facebook post, Hayden Regal died on Wednesday, December 15th. He had been part of our football program since 2017 as a manager, ball boy, and player. He has 4 members in his family including him. His parents are Walt and Kim and he has a lovely sister named, Maddie. His closed once has also created a Gofundme page for supporting his family. 

Hayden Regal Death

Internet is hit hard by the Death news of Hayden Regal. The news is circulating everywhere on the internet and the entire football community of his school is in deep sorrow. He was a lovely young football player with a cute and adorable smile. He was loved by his teammates, friends, coaches, and teachers as a hard-working, loyal, fun-loving young man. Currently, any source has not revealed his Hayden Regal Cause of Death but we will update you soon if we get anything. 

Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football Wrote on Facebook:

“It’s is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this post. On Wednesday, December 15th, we tragically lost Hayden Regal, one of our own. Hayden had been part of our football program since 2017 as a manager, ball boy, and player. Most importantly, he was a friend, son and a brother to every player, coach, and staff member who had the pleasure to play and work with him. His loss cuts is deep as a football family. The Regal family needs our love and support. Walt and Kim, his parents, and Maddie, his sister are heartbroken and need us to wrap our arms around them. Please help support the Regals in their darkest time. The GoFundMe fundraiser will help them with funeral expenses and beyond. Hayden was one of the kindest, loving, and giving kids I have ever known. Let’s give our love to his family. “



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