A shocking video is getting viral on social media related to the death of 14 years old boy Tyre Sampson. He was died because of falling from a ride at Icon Park where his family came to enjoy. When the ride started everything seems fine but when it started coming down a person confirmed as Tyre fall off from it. And hit the ground from a significant height. This causes serious injuries to him and he died on the spot. We will discuss him later in this blog. 

Viral: Sienna Mae Gomez

Who is 14 years old at icon park?

Tyre Sampson came with his family members to enjoy Icon Park in the united states. As claimed by the sources he went riding The world’s tallest Drop Tower. But who knows a horrific tragedy was waiting for his life. The video of the incident was recorded by the people present at the moment. You can find disturbing videos easily on Twitter as well other social media platforms. As claimed by the Sheriff’s office, the investigation is still in the progress.


And as of now, not much about the incident was revealed in the public domain. Harper wrote reacting to the accident “A 14-year-old fell out off the ride at Icon Park in the US. The world’s tallest Drop Tower. On the way down he gets ejected from the ride and falls to his death. The video is circulating. It’s horrific”

Icon park twitter full video

The disturbing clip of 14-year-old icon park is creating a buzz on the internet. The same is circulated all over social media platforms. In the visual, you can see everyone seems to be excited about the ride. and one of them was Tyre who visited the drop tower with his family. When the tower started coming down from a significant height the 14 years old Tyre fall off from it. The reason behind the same remains uncertain at the moment. There is no official report giving more clarity over what happened at that moment. 


14-year-old icon park twitter video

Our team extend the deepest condolence to the family and relatives for the great loss.  We can understand their pay and share full sympathy. One reacted on Twitter “Just saw the video of the 14-year-old who died tragically at the ICON Park ride and my body became numb. It was almost as I’m looking at a scene from Final Destination. Even though I saw the video, I wish it wasn’t being circulated. RIP Tyre Sampson”.  There are some reports blaming the Ride Operators for the accident. But without stringent proof, it would be too early to jump to any conclusion. 

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