Rumors Were spreading on social Media about an X-Rated video of Addison Rae being leaked on Twitter by the Idkijustworkh11 Twitter Account. 

Another False news is going viral on social media. According to the news, an explicit clip of Famous Tiktok Star Addison Rae is leaked on Twitter by an unknown Twitter user named Idkijustworkh11. But the News is false. 

Who is Idkijustworkh11?

Idkijustworkh11 is an unknown Twitter account that has been active since October 2020, currently, the Twitter account has more than 1500 followers. But it doesn’t seem active right now. Nothing is available about the Twitter user Idkijustworkh11 anywhere on the internet. It looks like this is a fake Twitter account of someone who just uses it to upload x rated videos for fun. 

Addison Rae Leaked Video on Twitter

In October 2020, Idkijustworkh11 posted a sexual video of Addison Rae on Twitter but the video recently got viral on Social media. And people were claiming that in the video, the woman is Addison Rae. But the video is completely fake and someone uses editing tools to put Addison Rae’s face in the video.

This is known as a Deepfake, which is when an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. This is a very professional form of photoshopping that uses artificial intelligence to convincingly make images and videos of fake events. Deepfakes are a huge problem on social media as they can look very real, and this one certainly fooled a lot of people.

The Fake x rated video of Addison Rae is now deleted from Twitter but still, it is available someplace. we request our reader that if you found such kind of video anywhere, please report it immediately. As Addison Rae was a popular personality she has more than 4.67 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel. And we never want that any female to ever face such fake news. 

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