We have noticed the trend of Jayne Valseca’s death. People are trying to know more about her and the circumstances around which she died. Internet netizens also show their curiosity about knowing more about her death. 

According to several sources, actress Jayne Valseca passed away from complications of her breast cancer. Her obituary will be published in 2022. The details of her death have also gained much attention online. Many people want to know the cause of the death of Jayne Valseca. If you’d like to know the truth, check out the Jayne Valseca Obituary 2022.

 Jayne Valseca

Jayne Valseca escaped kidnapping after her husband was abducted in 2007. She was married to Mexican journalist Eduardo, the son of a famous newspaper publisher. He was kidnapped in 2007 and held captive for seven months. Jayne arranged for two men to leave a suitcase of cash at Eduardo’s house. She later paid the men and they both returned home. However, Eduardo was abducted again in the summer of 2007.

After the kidnapping, Eduardo’s family moved to the Washington suburbs. Jayne Valseca graduated from the University of Maryland. When her husband was abducted, she was already battling stage four breast cancer. Her father was not able to receive justice for years. Jayne and Eduardo suspected South American kidnappers. Later, Raul Julio Escobar Poblete and Ricardo Palma Salamanca were arrested.

Who was Jayne Valseca?

Jayne Valseca was born on September 5, 1966, in Silver Spring, Maryland. She later moved to New York and Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. She appeared in various soap operas and films, but mainly in minor roles. Jayne also appeared in ads. Her relationship between Jayne and Eduardo started when the two met at a supermarket parking lot. Their love story began there and they married in 1998.

The couple had three children. The Wikipedia page on Jayne Valseca is missing, but several articles and interviews have documented her life story. The actress also had a cactus farm and a Waldorf school for her children.

Jayne Valseca Obituary 

Jayne Valseca lost her life when she was 45 years old. The reason behind the same was breast cancer from which she was diagnosed in the year 2012. She was fighting the deadly disease bravely but in the end, succumb to it. As of now, there are no official Jayne Valseca Obituary details present on the internet. 

A documentary on the kidnapping will be broadcast on NBC dateline. The Valseca children will discuss what happened to their father after he was abducted. The story of Eduardo and Jayne Valseca’s kidnapping has gained wide media coverage. They have even been the subjects of a Lifetime television movie. There is no doubt that this story will continue to spread as more people become aware of the Valseca family.

After their kidnappers abducted her husband, Jayne Valseca negotiated for a sum of money that she could pay them. She assumed they would ask for more than eight million dollars because their family was much wealthier than theirs. The negotiation took months to complete, but the two eventually reached a deal. It was unclear what they had planned to do with their stolen husbands, but they were determined to secure a ransom for Eduardo Valseca.


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