The shocking news of Jonah Keri being Arrested is surfacing on the internet and social media platforms. Jonah Keri is a famous Canadian journalist, sportswriter, and editor who has been arrested by the police for domestic assaults. Be on the blog to get all about Jonah Keri and his wife Amy Kaufma.

Jonah Keri Wife Amy Kaufma

The Jonah Keri Amy Kaufma news is going viral and flooded on all social media platforms. As the sources claims, Jonah Keri was charged for domestic violence where he gave death threats to his wife and assaulted his family, including their infant son.

As any official sources are not founded by our Deathmilitia team that revealed that Amy Kaufma is the wife of Jonah Keri. But as per the founded sources,  Jonah Keri got married to his wife in July 2018.

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Some sources revealed that they has a child but still any confirmation source is underinvestigation. 

But it seems that he began assaulting his wife soon after they got into a relationship. He got arrested back on July 18, 2019, for allegedly assaulting his wife.

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