Popular game developer Jonochrome is trending these days after being alleged with Grooming allegations. He is well known for being created of popular Riddle School series. The recent allegation has created so much trouble for him. People looking angry on t social media and demanding action against pedophiles.  We will talk more about the matter further in this blog.


Who Is Jonochrome?

He is a game developer by profession. He was born in June 1994 means  27 years old at the current time. He is popular for the One Night at Flumpty’s and Riddle School series. He also reacted comics on  Flumpty. For a period of time through his entertaining content, he was able to attract a lot of people.

You can find him on Twitter with 19.8K  followers. Besides you can also find him on Youtube with 88k followers.

“Hi, I’m Jonathan. I make games that occasionally get finished, and this channel is about my games that occasionally get finished, along with some other stuff.”

Recently he was in news after the disclosure of grooming a minor girl for almost a decade. The victim’s name is @EmiKoemi on Twitter which is not active now. 

Jonochrome Allegations

The girl name Emi Koemi was the victim in the case who revealed the allegation with 17 long threads through her social media account. she clears that the time when  Jonochrome has sexual attraction towards her she was 13 years. but now she is 19, enough to make the decision. Emi disclosed that she has forgiven him for everything that happened between them.


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One wrote “The victim has FORGIVEN him, he’s seeking much-needed help, he regrets his decision truly, correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s literally 19 now. I’m pretty sure she’s smart enough to not give in if he even thought of asking.”

So far there is no legal action taken again the game developer for his crime. If anything new came out we will update you earliest. There is no doubt the allegation has put dark marks on his long-earned reputation and made so many of his followers disappointed.

Jonochrome Apologised

After the victim girl unveil the dark truth of past years through her social media account, Jonochrome passes an apologizing tweet. Here is what he wrote “I’m sorry to anyone I’ve disappointed today. I don’t aim to make anyone’s life worse, but it’s apparent I shouldn’t trust my own judgment anymore. I don’t accept that my only option now is to give up. I could be gone a long time, but I’m not going to stop seeking help.”

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