With a heavy heart, we are having to inform you that he is no more among us. Recently in an accident, he passed away.  On the 12th of April in Moreno Valley, CA, a woman whose name is Kenia Brown.

At the time of her death, she was just 40 years old, she was much young to die.  As far as we know she lost her life when she was involved in the car incident at 1100 Indian Street in Moreno Valley.

Keonia Brown Accident

As per the Express Enterprise, this incident has taken place around 11:15 pm on Monday. As per further reports, an SUV crashed into a home in Moreno Valley it was a collision between the two vehicles in its driveway. 

Brown was a passenger who was in the SUV at the time of her death. As soon as her death news arrived at her home, her family is shocked and they started to mourn her death. We do not know why but road accident in the USA is increasing with time.

Daily plenty of people loses their lives in such accidents. Now she has been one of the victims, it is a hard time for her family, her family is devastated, and they are seeking some private time. We should respect their privacy and give them some private time so that they can feel better, we express our deep condolences to the family, and may her soul rest in peace. After the incident she was sustaining lots of serious injuries, she was also rushed to the hospital but she could not survive more.

Who was Keonia Brown?

The SUV collided with the pickup truck at the Moreno Valley homes’ garage it was the Keonia Brown’s death cause. The people who were in the same home at the time of his incident are safe no one of them has got any injury. After the investigation the authorities have not identified any drugs and alcohol, she was not under influence.

We are trying to find out more info about Keonia Brown who was Keonia Brown and what was Keonia Brown’s death cause.  It is an open secret, her age was 40 her exact date of birth is not known yet.

Neither we have got to know about her family background including her parents’ names and their profession. Bit by Bit the info will come out, stay tuned for more viral updates we will be right back with the new post on the same page.

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