laddy_bee Twitter Twitter video is getting viral on the internet and more than thousands of people are searching about this. They want to know more details, if you are a netizen then you must be in the swim that there is a video that is getting a huge amount of attention from the people and the reason is the viral content which is not good enough. As per the report we got to know a cousin has shot her brother cushion who was just 14 years old in the live stream on Instagram. And the live video is getting viral over time as of now the video has got millions of views. It is continuously circulating on the internet and being shared by people.

Laddy_bee on Twitter video

Laddy_bee twitter

laddy_bee Twitter is being searched a lot by tons of people and they are visiting it non-stop because recently a video was posted on the Twitter account which has gone viral and hit the headline of the news for a long time. There are plenty of websites which are covering the video.  Two cousins, their names are Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey. Paris accidentally shot her cousin and later she killed herself, both of them were active on Instagram and in the live streams.

12 years shot her cousin

As far as we came to know that the suspect and the victim of them were located in the residence. As per the statement of the police both of them were declared dead at the scene. Later police have classified the case as murder and suicide, it was a tragic incident that was unexpected. No one has thought that all the family members are broken-hearted and they are being more curious to know about this. As of now plenty of netizens are expressing their condolence to the family as of now.

Who is Laddy_bee on Twitter?

They are paying tribute to the innocents should both of them have left the world so early.  It is the hardest time for the family, Paris’s mother’s name is Shinise Harvey, who is completely devastated, she has told NBC affiliate KSDK of St. Louis, she stated that she let her daughter go into the apartment to celebrate the party. And Harvey stated that Kuaron is the son of her brother. It is the saddest thing,  the terrible video has been hitting the headline for a long time, we are also feeling blue for the family, we support them in the crunch time and give them some private time so that they can feel better.

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