Lincoln Walsh

A heart-melting news for all the known people of little charm named Lincoln Walsh has been surrounding on the internet. As per the sources (Social media and Blogs) Lincoln Walsh is around 7 years old. It’s really painful to accept that such a brilliant small guy has left the world this early. Be on the Lincoln Walsh Article here on Deathmilitia, and you will get to know all About the death of a 7-year-old.

Who was Lincoln Walsh?

For all the folks who are not aware who was the Little Champ named Lincoln Walsh, let me tell you that he is a 7-year-old kid who entered this world on the 7th of July, 2010 in the company of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador. He was very close to their family and lived a happy life until this happened.

Lincoln Walsh school

His parent’s names are Mark Walsh and Jennifer Walsh and he has one sibling named Lauren Walsh. His education is at Holy Cross Junior High School in Holyrood and he is just enrolled in eighth grade. You can expect what is going on with his parents who lost their young child. If you want to help them (You should really do), you can donate a helping amount to the Fundraiser Created by Tracey Burke and Sarah Wade to support the family of the young one.

We will talk more about the Lincoln, so be on the same page.


What happened with Lincoln Walsh?

The Hockey lover and a proud defenseman for the CBR Renegades Peewee Lincoln Walsh has lost his life in an accident. As per the sources and research of our Hardworking team, the little guy met an accident in a friend’s Holyrood Garden on 16th October 2023 where he was playing on a Zipline. 

It’s really painful to imagine what happened with 7 year old.

The zip line on which he was playing suddenly got snapped and because of that, he fell to the ground suddenly. Surrounded people bring him to Janeway Kids Hospital in St. John’s. But It looks like God has a different plan for the little champ. Due to several Injuries including brain injuries, he lost his life. 

Death, Family, and Memories

The Story of Lincoln Walsh’s Death is not easy to write still we are doing our best to express the pain his family is going through right now. The condolences and sadness have spread among his loved once. His passion for Hockey and curiosity for enjoying life makes him a remembered soul for everyone who ever met him.

All of his teachers, Members, friends, and loved ones are in Deep Sadness due to his sudden going. Must Share your thoughts and Right down RIP in the comment section of this blog. 

RIP Lincoln Walsh

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