Mark Chapas, the student of Oswego East High School who went missing the past few days found dead. The shocking news came out recently and was confirmed by his father himself through posting on Facebook. Many share deep tributes and condolences with the family.  There are some reports on the internet confirming the reason behind his untimely end is suicide. We will discuss more about him further in this blog.

Who is Mark Chapas from Oswego east? 

Mark Chapas was a student of Oswego East High School in Illinois a southwest suburb of Chicago, in the United States. He played many times from Varsity football as a senior lineman. He was a young, passionate, and positive guy. The exact age of the Mark is still not disclosed by any source.  He was trending after his dead body was founded by Kendall County Coroner’s Office. In respect of his death, the school authorities postponed the season finale of the Oswego East.

Mark Chapas

Mark Chapas Death

Mark Chapas Death is heartbreaking news for family and friends. No one has ever expected the talented football player will leave them all in this way. For your kind information, the body was founded in Violet Patch Park off Route 25.

One wrote reacting to the saddening news “Mark and Angela Balice Chapas how devastating and painful. I am so so sorry to hear this. Mark was such a sweet, caring wonderful young man. My heart breaks. I am so sorry for your loss, for the pain you are going through. My deepest most sincere condolences. I am praying for the three of you and your entire family. May he rest in peace”

the investigation still progressing and trying to unfold the hidden secret of the death. We hope the truth will come out soon to serve justice.


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Mark Chapas Suicide

According to the sources, Mark Chapas attempted suicide and end his life at Violet Patch Park. so far there are no details unfolded in relation to the reason behind his death. It is really stunning as he was a very passionate and lively man, who has lots of dreams in life.

Michele Rico-LeBlanc shared tributes to the family and wrote “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Chapas family for the loss of their son and the entire OEHS community. Mark was a captain/Senior on the Oswego East football team and I know how much he meant to my husband and the whole team. Please say prayers to everyone affected by this tragic loss.”

she further added “Please reach out and always help someone who may be struggling with depression, mental illness, or simply may have confusions about life. Life is like a roller coaster, just handle every bump that comes your way, and HOLD ON. “

So what happened in his life which made him take this decision, is the real question. Our team is regularly searching for the personal information of the late mark to borough more clarity in the case.

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